Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(HOT) Proton Inspira The New Proton Waja Lancer Replacement

(GAMBAR) Waja Lancer Baru Proton Inspira!
 Although the official soft launch of our much anticipated new Proton Waja 2 Lancer is scheduled to be on the 15th or maybe 16th of October, flyers of the highly acclaimed car has been leaked. And do you know what our new Proton Waja 2 Lancer will be called? Our very first carbon copy of Mitsubishi Copy of Mistubishi Lancer EX aka Proton Waja 2 Lancer will now be officially called Proton Inspira!!

What we can expect from this new Proton Waja? The bad news is that for the time being there are only two colors available which are red and white. But don't be disappointed first. The higher end model of Proton Waja Lancer 2.0 comes with paddle shift and advanced auto-cruise feature. The auto cruise feature is especially useful if you are well...cruising on the highway. I believe the Proton Waja Lancer's Auto Cruise will be almost the same with the one we have in Proton Exora. Besides that it is also claimed that we can expect leather seats with this higher end model.

The New Waja Replacement Model Front View Proton Inspira Lancer!?

Proton Waja Lancer is actually a carbon copy of the Mitsubishi Lancer EX and that explains why they look very much identical. Since it is meant to be a replacement model for Waja, everything will be the almost the same with Mitsubishi Lancer EX including their very own engines. However a new different suspension and rim (16inch) will be used instead.

What about the price for our brand new Proton Inspira?(Harga Proton Inspira Baru)

1.8 MT – RM79,999
1.8 CVT (Auto) – RM87,000+
2.0 CVT Premium – RM94,000+

From the flyer shown below, we can see that this new Proton Inspira will come with bold and aggressive styling which is borrowed stolen from Mitsubishi Lancer EX. It seems that now even your trunk comes with a remote control. So no more inserting your key to open your trunk huh! Wow...this new Proton Inspira is also loaded with lots of features and the one that intrigues me the most is its Fully Automatic Climate Control. Wow! What is this? Do you know that unlike the other breed of Protons, this new Proton Inspira comes with 5-star safety rating. I believe it is because the new Proton Inspira is using the exact body frame of Mitsubishi Lancer. And best of all if you were to buy this new Proton Inspira, you will get 2 years FREE servicing which include labor and serviceable parts. This deal is so crazy!

Proton Inspira Then New Waja Replacement Model Flyer

So are you planning to buy this Proton Inspira? Don't miss it in your nearest Proton Showroom this 15th or 16th October!. May this new Proton Inspira gives you more inspiration in your life, hahah! So there you have it folks, the launching date of our new Proton Waja 2 Lancer. Your wait is finally over! More importantly you know what you are waiting for because now it is official, our new Replacement Proton Waja 2 Lancer is called Proton Inspira (unless if the flyer is fake!!) wooot3 o_O


  1. oh! mcm biase la masalah wiring proton.. face it la sape berani beli! huhu

  2. Mantop!!

    Harga kereta ni pun mantop!, nak beli tapi mahal sangat.. tak mampu rasanya.

  3. satu lagi produk terbaru proton =)

  4. patut kerajaan jual ler murah sikit baru rakyat malaysia dapat sokong jenama kita.....

  5. nampak mcm gempak..harap2 gempak la smpai bile2...

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  6. then no need to buy lancer lah..just buy this inspira..hope that the car will run smoothly without problem..

  7. stakat ni mmg xde prob~ minyak pun ok!
    dr JB ke KL baru separuh =)



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