Thursday, June 23, 2011

(HOT) Download Lagu Take Over - Mizz Nina ft Flo Rida

Mizz Nina just officially launched her latest single "Take Over" feat Florida born rapper Flo Rida! She flew half a world away from Bangkok to Miami to shoot the music video, after performing with Flo Rida in his sold out concert the night before in Bangkok.

"Take Over" is a positive powerful dance track who surely make us dance trough our problem! the lyric motivate the listener to be brave and to face the problem by taking over and take in charge!

Mizz Nina ft Flo Rida - Take Over Youtube Video Clip Official HD

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Mizz Nina ft Flo Rida - Take Over Lyric

Houston we gotta lil problem,
we gotta lil problem and im up gonna solve 'em,
houston we gotta lil problem,
we gotta lil problem cause im gonna rock 'em.

this is how its goin down,
im gonna break it break it break it,
break it down,
this is a take oh oh over,
this is a take oh oh over

now i want ya outta here,
outta here,
and im gonna tell ya
and i tell ya what i said im head in im in control,
watches the way i roll im tearing down the walls until the morning,
oh! this is the warning!

The super catchy song surely will push the envelope a lil further for Mizz Nina and hopefully she would be able to step up a lil further on the global map with 'take over'. Let see how far will Flo Rida magic gonna take effect yaw o_O

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